DJUVERNUA, Aleksandr Lvovič (Alexandre Duvernoy). Moscow 1840 — Moscow 16/28.3.1886.Russian Slavonic Linguist and Philologist. Born in a French family resident in Russia from 1810. After school in Moscow studied from 1855 law and history at Moscow University, but gradually switched to philology. Beside Slavic he was specially interested in Lithuanian, but also learned Sanskrit and Arabic. Student of Petrov. Graduated 1866 and went to Germany for further studies. From 18?? until death Professor of Comparative Linguistics at Moscow, but apparently left Sanskrit to —> Fortunatov.

Publications: Mainly wrote on Slavic and Russian languages and history.

Sources: Stache-Weiske 2007, 619; Russian Vikipedija with two photos and further Russian references.