JONG, Jan Willem de. Leiden 15.2.1921 — Canberra 22.1.2000. Dutch Indologist and Buddhist Scholar in Australia. Professor in Leiden and Canberra. Studies of Chinese, Japanese and Sanskrit at Leiden in 1939-45 (cand. 1945), at Harvard 1946 and in Paris 1947-50, now also Tibetan. During the war university was closed and he had to go on on his own. Ph.D. 1949 Leiden, then worked as Assistant there. From 1956 Professor of Buddhism and Tibetan at Leiden. From 1965 Professor of South Asian and Buddhist Studies at Australian National University in Canberra. Retired 1986, had no successor. Married 1949 Gisèle Bacquès.

With Kuiper he founded the IIJ in 1957 and contributed much to it until his death. His major work was on Tibetan texts. He was known as an active and severe critic.

Publications: diss. Cinq chapitres de la Prasannapadā. 1949.

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A brief history of Buddhist Studies in Europa and America. 1976.

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