DUNBAR, George (George Duff-Sutherland Dunbar of Hemprigg). Wick, Caithness-srire 29.5.1878 — Winchester, Hampshire 8.4.1962. Sir, 6th Bart. (1898). British (Scottish) Colonial Officer. Major (1940). Son of Garden Duff-Dunbar of Hempriggs and Ackergill and Jane Louisa Duff. Educated at Harrow. After Sandhurst served in India from 1898. Commander of the Military Police of Assam. Participated in both World Wars. Married 1903 Sybil Hawtrey Tate (d. 1911), then 1921 Dorothy Hewlett (d. 1945) and 1956 Dulcie Edith Joyce, one son with first wife.

Publications: Abors and Galongs; notes on certain hill tribes of the Indo-Tibetan border. M.A.S.B. 5 extra no. Calcutta 1915-16 (anthropometric part by J. C. Brown & S. W. Kemp).

– Frontiers. 13+319 p. L. 1932.

History of India from earliest times to the present day. 632 p. L. 1936, new ed. 1-2. 1943, German transl. by H. Zimmer. 1937.
Clive. 144 p. Great Lives 73. L. 1936.
Other Men’s Lives: A Study of Primitive Peoples. 14+355 p. L. 1938.
India and the Passing of Empire. 11+225 p. L. 1951
– Two books of fiction for children.

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