EMMERICK, Ronald Eric. Sydney 9.3.1937 — Hamburg 31.8.2001. Australian Indologist, Tibetan and Iranian (Khotan Saka) scholar in the U.K. and Germany. Professor in Hamburg. Son of Eric Steward E., a builder, and Myrtle Caroline Smith. After school in Sydney studied in 1955-59 Classics, French and German at Sydney (B.A. 1959, also learned the elements of Sanskrit), then Indo-Iranian under Bailey at Cambridge (B.A. 1961, M.A. & Ph.D. 1965). Now also learned Tibetan. In 1964-67 Research Fellow of St.John’s College, Cambridge, and 1967-71 Lecturer in Iranian Studies at S.O.A.S. In 1967-68 Visiting Associate Professor of Old and Middle Iranian at University of Chicago. From 1971 Professor of Iranian Philology at Hamburg University, taught there until his death. Hon. fellow of Australian Academy of the Humanities 1999. Married Margaret Ann Frohnsdorff, two daughters and one son.

Emmerick was, after Bailey, perhaps the most important scholar of the both Saka dialects, Khotanese and Tumshuq, but also deeply interested in Sanskrit and Āyurveda. In teaching he concentrated on Old and Middle Iranian languages. Among his students was G. Canevascini, A. Degener, Duan Qing and M. Maggi.

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