HOEY, William. 1849 — 1919. British (Irish?) Civil Servant in India, interested in History, Archaeology and Numismatics. Studies at Queen’s College, Belfast. M.A. Magistrate in Lucknow (1880). Commissioner in Gorakhpur (1892/98). From c. 1910 Reader in Hindustani and Indian History at Trinity College, Dublin, then at Oxford. Hon. D.Litt. 1882 Queen’s College, Belfast. Married, at least one son.

Publications: A Monograph on Trade and Manufactures in Northern India. 3+215 p. Lucknow 1880.

Translated; Abu Talib Isfahani: A History of Asafu’ Daula. Allahabad 1885; Memoirs of Delhi and Faizábád: being a translation of the Táríḳh Farahbaḳhsh of Muhammad Faiz Baḳhsh from the original Persian. 1-2. Allahabad 1888-89.

Translated Oldenberg’s Buddha: His Life, His Doctrine, His Order. 477 p. L. 1882.

– “Set Mahet”, JASB 61, 1892, 1-64; “On the identification of Kusinara, Vaisali and other places mentioned by the Chinese pilgrims”, JASB 69, 1900, 74-92, addition on Vaiśālī, JASB 70, 1901, 29f.

With V. A. Smith: “Ancient Buddhist Statuettes and a Candella Copper-Plate from the Banda District”, JASB 64:1, 1895, 155-163, pl. vii-xi.

Urdu Praxis; a Progressive Course of Urdu Composition. 4+98 p. Oxford 1907.

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