HORNE, Charles. Nainital (Uttarkhand) 6.6.1823 — Croydon, Kent 28.5.1872. British Civil Servant in India, interested in Archaeology and Entomology. Son of James H. and Mary Ann Driver. In Bengal Civil Service, in the 1860s Judge in Benares, then retired. Married 1850 Flora Macsween, at least one son and daughters.

Publications: “Notes on Boodh Gaya”, JASB 34:1, 1865, 278-287; “Notes on Atranji-Khera or Pi-lo-shan-na of General Cunningham”, JASB 35:1, 1866, 165-168, pl. xvi; “Notes on the Jumma Masjid of Etáwáh”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 74f., pl. iii; “Notes on Buddhist Remains near Mynpoorie”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 105-107; “Notes on the Carvings on the Buddhist Rail-posts at Budh Gayá”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 107f., 3 pl.; “Notes on Ancient Remains in the Mainpuri District”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 157-175, 5 pl.; “Notes on the Age of the Ruins chiefly situate at Banaras and Jaunpur”, JASB 42:1, 1873, 160-164?; short notes in ProcASB 1865-66.

With M. A. Sherring: “Description of the Buddhist Ruins at Bakariya Kund, Benares”, JASB 34, 1865, 1-13, 8 pl.; “Some account of ancient remains at Saidpur and Bhitari”, JASB 34, 1865, 80-90, 1 pl. (dt. Ghazipur); “Description of ancient remains of Buddhist Monasteries and Temples and other buildings recently discovered in Benares and its vicinity”, JASB 35, 1866, 61-87, 5 pl.

– “Notes on an Ancient Indian Vase”, JRAS 5, 1871, 367-375 (from Kulu).

Also wrote on entomology.

Sources: www.wikitree.com/wiki/Horne-1257; stray notes in Internet.