HORRWITZ, Ernest Philip. 1866 (or 1886?) — 1928?. U.S. (or British) Indologist. According to his own statement, he was Sanskrit Instructor at the City of New York College, sometime Sanskrit Professor at Dublin University, and Lecturer on Comparative Philology at the Universities of Bombay and Rangoon, then Government of Bombay Research Scholar for 1828 on Indo-Iranian philology. But his own account sounds rather suspicious and so are his few publications. An undated list in Internet connects him with Hunter College, New York.

Publications: A Short History of Indian Literature. 27+188 p. L. 1907.

– The Indian Theatre: A Brief Survey of the Sanskrit Drama. 215 p. L. 1912.

Rose petals and gorse bloom: stray thoughts from the letters of an American mystic. 49 p. N.Y. 1920.

Indo-Iranian Philology: A Study of Semantic Etymology (history of Cultural Words). 66 p. Bombay 1929.

Veda and Vedanta. 217 p. Almora 1937.

Articles, e.g. the specimen of “Concise Semantic Dictionary of the Sanskrit Language”, ABORI 9, 1928, 296-303 (e.g. mātṛ < mā ‘to measure’ as “the mother gives weight anf measure, shape and form to the unborn babe”).

Sources: Short note in ABORI 9, 1927–28; not in Who Was Who in Am. until 1985; no personal information found in Internet.