HADAWAY, William Snelling. Maiden, MA 1872 — ?.10.1941. U.S. Artist in India. Son of Ephraim Locke H. and Helen Agnes Noyes. Trained at School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston. Married 1893 Julia Peck, divorced 1895.In 1894-95 in Italy, then active in Boston art circles. In 1897 went to the U.K. with Jean Louise Carre (1865–1939), with whom he had three children (married only in 1904). Worked as artist in London, Then in 1907-27 Superintendent of Madras Government School of Arts. Stayed further in Madras, in 1934 returned with his wife via New Zealand to the U.K. As widower in 1939 visited New England, then settled in Monte Carlo. Died of heart attack. A specialist of book illustration and in jewelry and metal design.

Publications: “Some Hindu ‘Silpa’ Shastras in their Relation to South Indian Sculpture”, OstasZ 3, 1914-15, 34-50, 15 fig.

– Cotton painting and printing in the Madras presidency. 93 p. ill. Madras 1917.

– Illustrations of metal work in brass and copper mostly South Indian. Madras 1923.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo.