HAUGHTON, Henry Lawrence. 1.11.1883 — 22.3.1955. British Colonial Officer in India. Major General. Son of Colonel John H., educated at Winchester and Sandhurst. In 1902 joined Wiltshire Regiment, 1903 to India, 1904 transferred to Indian Army. Captain 1911. In WW I served in Mesopotamia. In 1921 returned to England, from 1922 Commandant of Prince of Wales’s Royal Indian Military College, from 1927 commanded the 10th Battalion of the 11th Sikh Regiment as Lieutenant-Colonel. From 1931 Deputy Military Secretary in Army Headquarters, from 1933 command of the 1st Abbotabad Brigade and finally 1936-40 as Major General in command of the Kohat District, then retired. C.I.E. Married 1912 Mary Shepherd, one son.

Publications: Sport and Folklore in the Himalaya. 332 p. L. 1913.

– “A Note on the Distribution of Indo-Greek Coins”, NC 6:3, 1943, 50-59; “Notes on Greek and Kushan Coins from N.W. India”, NC 6:6, 1946, 141-145; short note also in NC 8, 1948, 103.

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