HUS Rasinjanin, Juraj. Rasinja 14??/1510? — Požun 1566 (or later?). Croatian Traveller. He was forcibly enlistened by Turks in 1532 and lived in Constantinople. Freed in 1536 he took service as a trumpeter by an Egyptian see captain and participated in the expedition sent by Sultan to help the king of Gujarat to reconquer Diu. Some years later he returned to his native country. His travel account is preserved in two manuscripts, in Vienna and Vatican.

Publications: “Opis putovanja Juraja Husa”, Starine 13, 1881.

Sources: Vyncke, Annuaire 20, 1973, 528; *Croatian Wikipedija (born in the 15th cent.), *Croatian Enciclopedija (born 1510, died after 1566).