HOEK, Albertus(Bert) Wilhelmus van den. Apeldoorn, Gelderland 2.9.1951 — Mumbai 1.12.2001. Dutch Anthropologist. After school in Utrecht studied Anthropology and Philosophy at Amsterdam, then at Leiden, where B.A. 1970 and M.A. 1976. Also learned Tamil and Sanskrit (Heesterman). In 1977 further studies under L. Dumont in Paris. In various research positions,  1989-92 head of the Documentation Centre of South Asia at the University of Leiden. Died after a road accident in India. Several times in India (also in South) and Nepal, fieldwork also in Libanon and Sudan. But he had always financial difficulties and could not complete his Ph.D.

Publications: “The Goddess of the Northern Gate: Cellattamman as the ‘Divine Warrior’ of Madurai”, M. Gaborieau and A. Thorner (eds.), Asie du Sud: Traditions et changements. P. 1979, 119-129; short articles, also many in Dutch, also wrote on Libanon and Sudan; ethnographic films.

– With B. Shrestha: “The Sacrifice of Serpents. Exchange and Non-Exchange in the Sarpabali of Indrāyanï, Kathmandu”, BEFEO 79:1, 1992, 57-75; “Guardians of the Royal Goddess: Daitya and Kumår as the Protectors of Taleju Bhavānī of Kathmandu”, Contributions to Nepalese Studies (CNAS, Tribhuvan University) 19, 1992, 191-222.

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– Caturmāsa. Celebrations of Death in Kathmandu, Nepal. 188 p. Edited by J. C. Heesterman. Leiden 2004.

Sources: B.G. Shrestha & H.F. Vermeulen, Eur. Bull. of Himalayan Res. 20, 200?, 152-163 with bibliography and photo.