JOPSON, Norman Brooke. Leeds 20.1.1890 — 1969. British Comparative Linguist Professor in Cambridge. Son of Samuel Rolison Jopson. Educated at Merchant Taylor’s School, Crosby, from 1909 studies at Cambridge (St.John’s College, B.A. 1912), mainly French and German, but also Sanskrit and Comparative Philology. Further studies of Slavic and IE in 1913-14 at Vienna (Kretschmer), Prague and St. Petersburg. War service in postal censorship. After war in Foreign Office service as interpreter of Slovenian. From 1922 Reader in Comparative Slavonic at King’s College, London, from 1934 Professor. From 1937 the first Professor of Comparative Philology at Cambridge, retired 1955. During WW II again in postal censorship.

Publications: Mainly wrote on Slavonic languages, but not much.

Sources: *R. Auty & D. Galton, Slavonic and East European Review 47, 1969, 303-307; stray notes in Internet.