KAROLIDES, Iordanes (Ἰορδάνης Καρολίδης, Iordanis Karolidis). Androniki (Cappadocia) 1837 — 1909. Greek Literate, Poet, Classical and Oriental scholar. Born in Cappadocia (Turkey) as elder brother of the historian Paulos K., he studied in Smyrna and Athens. Further studies in Germany with help of a scholarship from the Smyrna Evangelic School. Back in Smyrna, he taught three years at the same school. In 1873 he moved to Constantinople and taught there Greek and history nearly until his death, first at Gymnasium of Galatâ-Serági, then at theological school. In 1895-1909 counsellor of state. He was much interested in classical and Oriental languages and knew many of them (including even Japanese).

Publications: A history of the Ottoman Empire, etc.

Translated: “Δαμαϊαντία καὶ Νάλος”: Ὁ ἐν Κωνστ. ἑλλην. φιλ. σύλλογος, Σύγγραμμα περιοδικόν Τ. ιη’, 1883-84 (1888), 1-13 (ἆσμα 1-4); Νάλος καὶ Δαμαϊαντία ἐπύλλιον. 14+133 p. Κωνσταντινουπόλει 1901.

Sources: Μεγαλη ἑλληνικη ἐγκυκλοπαιδεια 13, Ἀθηναι 1930.