KARPELÈS, Suzanne. Paris 1890 — 1968. French Indologist (Buddhist Scholar). Daughter of a Greek merchant, spent part of her early life in Calcutta. After studies in Paris under Lévi, Foucher and Finot she joined in 1922 É.F.E.O. and came in 1923 to Hanoi, where she started research on Pāli texts. In 1923 visited Cambodia and Thailand, in 1924 Angkor. In 1925-36 conservatrice of Bibliothèque royale in Phnom Penh. In 1930 she was among the founders of the Buddhist Institutes of Cambodia and Laos and became Secretary to both. From 1936 Secretary to É.F.E.O.., in 1941 dismissed because of the racial laws. After the war again at É.F.E.O. in Hanoi, 1946-48 in India. At retirement in the 1950s moved to Pondichéry. Active in Buddhist organizations.

Publications: “Lokeśvaraśatakam ou cent strophes en l’honneur su seigneur du monde, par Vajradatta, éd. & trad.”, JA 11:14, 1919, 357-465 (diss., in Sanskrit & Tibetan); “Six contes pālies”, Revue indochinoise 1924:1-2, 1-30 & 3-4, 205-234 & 5-6, 323-350 & 7-8, 11-44 (tr. from the Dhammapada Commentary)

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