KLEINHANS, Edmund. Meran, South Tyrol (now Merano in Italy) 30.11.1870 — Zürich 23.8.1934. Austrian IE Linguist and Musician in Switzerland. Son of a physician, lost early his mother. Studies at Innsbruck (Fr. Stolz) and Leipzig (Brugmann). Interrupted studies because of an illness. Divided his time between piano and linguistics. From 1912 living permanently in Zürich. He was often ill. Friend of H. Pedersen (from their study time in Leipzig), bequeathed his library to Copenhagen University (now in Aarhus).

Publications: A few minor contributions to Celtic; “Av. hštua ‘sextus’”, IF 3, 1894, 303f.

Sources: *H. Pedersen, E.Kl. 15 p. Acta Jutlandica 8:3, 1935; *E. Schwyzer, Idg. Jb. 19, 1935, 341f.; J. Vendryès, Études celtiques 1936, 363-365.