KORSCH, Theodor (Fedor Evgen’evič KORŠ). Moscow 22.4.(4.5.)1843 — Moscow 16.2. (1.3.)1915. Russian IE Linguist and Sanskrit Scholar. Son of Evgenij Fëdorovič K., a journalist. After classical education started in 1860 studies of classical philology, Sanskrit (under Petrov), Arabic, Persian and Turkish at Moscow University. Candidate’s degree 1864, Magister 1868 Moscow, in classical philology. Taught Latin and French in Moscow schools. From 1868 PD at Moscow. Further studies in Berlin and Vienna. Ph.D. 1877 Moscow. Now eo. Professor and from 1883 ord. Professor of Sanskrit and IE Linguistics at Moscow University, retired 1905. From 1890 Ordinary Academician. From 1892 also taught Persian at Lazarevskij Institut in Moscow. In the beginning of the 20th century Professor of Sanskrit and IE Linguistics at Moscow University, retired before 1910.

Korsch was a many-sided (perhaps too?) scholar, who knew many Oriental languages. He was a good Sanskritist, but used it mainly in studies of general lin­guistics. A monograph on Indian metrics remained in MS.

Publications: Diss. Sposoby otnositel’nogo podčinenija. Glava iz sravnitel’nogo sintaksisa. 116 p. M. 1877.

A number of works on linguistics (including Slavic and Finno-Ugric) and classical philology.

–Wrote poems in Latin, Greek and Oriental languages (including Sanskrit).

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