KÜHNAU, Richard. Branitz near Cottbus 10.2.1858 — 18.5.1930. German Indologist and Folklorist. Teacher in Breslau. Son of a gardener, educated at Damsdorf (Silesia), then Gymnasium in Breslau. In 1878-85 studies of classical philology, linguistics and Indology (Stenzler & Hillebrandt) at Breslau. Ph.D. 1885 Breslau. Later taught at a Gymnasium in Breslau, where he seems to have remained all his life. His early works on Indology were often mentioned (there were not many specialists of metrics), but later he only seems to have worked on Silesian folklore.

Publications: diss. De Tristubh-jagatica metrorum Indicorum gente quaestio rhytmica et historica. 70 p. Vratislaviae 1885; whole work: Die Triṣṭubh-Jagatī Familie. 16+272 p. Göttingen 1886.

Rhytmus und Indische Metrik. Eine Entgegnung. 24+86 p. Halle 1887? (on Oldenberg in DLZ 1887 & Jacobi in GGA 1886, cf. Jacobi in GGA 1887, 520ff.).

on metrics of classical Sanskrit poetry, ZDMG 44, 1890, 1ff.

several collections of Silesian folk tales and folklore publ. in the 20th century.

Sources: vita in diss.; D.L.K. 12, 1890 (no more in 13, 1891); years in N.U.C.