LAMBRICK, Hugh Trevor. 1904 — 1982. British Civil Servant and Historian in India. Born in a family with long traditions in colonial service and especially with Sind, he studied at Oxford, entered I.C.S. and served in 1927-46 in Sind. In 1940-43 President of Sind Historical Society. C.I.E. From 1947 Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. In 1971 Fellow emeritus and D.Litt. Oxford.

Publications: a number of articles on ancient geography, archaeology, history and ethnology in the Journal of Sind Historical Society.

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Sind: A general introduction. 1964, 2nd ed. Hyderabad (Sind) & Karachi 1975.

– “The Indus flood-plain and the ‘Indus’ Civilization”, Geogr. Journal 1967.

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