AZEVEDO, Francisco de. Lisbon 1578 — Goa 12.8.1660. S.J. Portuguese Missionary in India and Tibet. Came to India as a boy and never returned. Joined S.J. in Goa, when 19. After studies served at Diu (1614) and Rachol, from 1620 Visitor of Monomotapa Mission in South Africa. In 1627 joined the Mogor Mission and arrived in Leh in 1631, as —> Andrade’s successor as the head of the mission, and with his undiplomatic manner soon caused its ruin. He returned to Agra in January 1632, then again worked at various mission stations in India, last years in Goa.

Publications: a ms. of 44 large pages in Portuguese on his journey from Goa to Agra and from Agra to Ladakh and back, second part summarized by Wessels 1924, 76-99, later also fully published.

Sources: Wessels 1924, 76-99.