TOOMEY, Paul Michael. Newton, MA 23.7.1951 — Orange, Florida 21.7.1992. U.S. Anthropologist. Son of William W. T., an attorney and journalist, and Constance E. Loughran. Graduated 1973 from Bowdoin College. In 1976 at American Institute in New Delhi. Ph.D. 1984 University of Virginia, in Anthropology. Then taught two years at Cornell University. He was highly ranked figure skating champion and now took this as his profession. Final years analyst in Department of Defense. Died of the complications of AIDS.

Publications: Food from the Mouth of Krishna: Feasts and Festivals in a North Indian Pilgrimage Centre. 17+172 p. ill. Delhi 1994.

– Articles and reviews on South Asian ethnography.

Sources: B.G. MacDougall, Cornell’s South Asia Program’s South Asia Newsletter 1993 Spring, 8; Stray notes in Internet.