VERWEY, Anthony Hendrik Nicolaas. ’s-Gravenhage 14.4.1918 — Leiden 7.1.2001. Dutch Anthropologist specialized in India and Tibet. Studied Law and Indology at Amsterdam and Leiden. In 1947-81 working in Ethnological Museum, Leiden. Main interests: material evidence of popular Hinduism and Tibetan religion.

Publications: Tentoonstelling: Pabuji, een Indiase held, zijn verhaal ‘hersteld’, 28 febr.-12 mei 1975, Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde ‘Justinus van Nassau’. Breda 1975.

– With Losang Paldhen Gyalzur, “Spells on the life-wood: an introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist ceremony of consecartion”, Essays to D. J. Hoens. Ld. 1983, 169-196.

– One more article and one review – this is all.

Sources: Brief note in Hoens Fs. 1983; Dutch Indology homepage.