WIDGERY, Alban Gregory. Bloxwich, Staffordshire 9.5.1887 — Wichester, Va. 22.3.1968. British Scholar of Religion in the U.S.A. Son of Rev. John Thomas W. and Ellen Thomas. Studies at Cambridge (St.Catharine’s College, B.A. 1908, M.A. 1912). From 1908 taught at Bristol University, St. Andrews University, and Cambridge University, for a while also in India in Bombay and Amalner. Moved to the U.S.A., in 1928-29 taught at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and in 1929-30 at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Then Head of Philosophy Department at Duke University in Durham, N.C., 1930-46, taught there until 1952. After one year at Amherst College settled in Virginia, near Winchester. Married 1915 Marion Wilkins, three children.

Publications: “Ethical Aspects of the Religion of the Sikhs”, Journal of Religion 9, 1929, 281-290.

– Many books on religion.

Sources: C.S. Green 1996 in https://www.ncpedia.org/biography/widgery-alban-gregory.