LIÉTARD, Gustave Alexandre. Domrémy-la-Pucelle (Vosges, Lorraine) 4.4. 1833 — Plombières-les-Bains 8.2.1904. French Physician and Indologist. Son of a viticulturist, he was educated at College of Toul and studied at Faculté de médecine in Strasbourg. 1858 Strasbourg. At Faculté de lettres he learnt the elements of Sanskrit under Bergmann and for a while was also able to attend Foucaux’s classes in Paris. From 1859 he worked as general and thermal physician in Plombières-les-Bains in the Vosges, where he used his leisure, in addition to medical pursuits, in study of local dialects and of Āyurveda. From 1869 he was médecin-inspecteur adjoint and from 1881 médecin-inspecteur des eaux. In 1869-92 and 1898-1900 Maire of Plombières and in 1871-77 Delegate in Conseil général des Vosges. Died after long illness. In c. 1859 married with the daughter of the physician Léopold Turck. While his dissertation in 1858 had been founded on Hessler’s Latin Susruta, he advanced later in Sanskrit and had a wide correspondence with Indologists.

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a few further articles and reviews on Greek and Indian medicine and on anthropology

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works on thermal medicine, hygiene and other medical subjects.

Sources: Briefly Bréal, BSL 13, 1904, 13; *Cordier, BEFEO 4, 1904, 538f.; Roşu 1989 (above) with life, photo and bibliography, and with further sources.