WILSER, Ludwig. Karlsruhe 5.10.1850 — 19.11.1923. German Physician and Racist Theoretician. Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, medical studies at in Freiburg, Heidelberg and Leipzig. Dr.Med. Then practising physician in Karlsruhe until 1897, when he moved to Heidelberg and lived there as private scholar. He was interested in craniometry and had relations both with anthropologists and extremist German nationalists. He was interested in the origin of peoples and suggested the original home of Germans and Indo-Europeans in Scandinavia. To this he aded pure racist ideas claiming the Germans are meant to have “Westherrschaft”. In these ideas he was sharply criticized by many anthropologists (e.g. Virchow), but also gained much popularity. He was appreciated by Nazis, bit now forgotten and nothing remains of his wild ideas.

Publications: Die Herkunft der Deutschen. 92 p, Karlsruhe 1885; Stammbaum und Ausbreitung der Germanen. 9+59 p. Bonn 1895; Herkunft und Urgeschichte der Arier. 58 p. Heidelberg 1899; Stammbaum der indogermanischen Völker. 38 p. Jena 1907; Die Überlegenheit der germanischen Rasse. 8+46 p. Stuttgart 1915; Das Hakenkreuz nach Ursprung, Vorkommen und Bedeutung. 1917; many further writings.

Sources: German Wikipedia; book details in hathitrust.org catalogue.