LONG, James. Bandon, Cork 1814 — 23.3.1887. Rev. British (Irish) Missionary in India. While earlier sources claim that of his background little is known, but in any case he passed some time in Russia, Wikipedia referring to Oddie knows that he was the son of John and Anne Long and attended school at Bandon and visited Russia only in 1863. Ordained as priest in 1839, went to India in 1840 or 1846 as a Missionary of Church Missionary Society and worked near Calcutta. In 1861 “Padre Long” superintended the translation of the Bengali play, the Nil Darpan, directed against the indigo planters, and was therefore indicted for libel and sentenced to Rs. 1000 fine and a month’s imprisonment. In 1872 he returned to England and lived in London. In 1848 married Emily Orme.

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