LUBAC, Henri-Marie Joseph Sonier de. Cambrai 20.2.1896 — Paris 4.9.1991 (when 95). S.J. French Catholic Theologian and Scholar of Comparative Religion. Cardinal of the Roman Church. Sn of a banker, of ancient nobility, schooled by Jesuits in Lyon, where family had moved in 1898. Joined Jesuit order 1913 and studied in England. Participated in WW I in French army, wounded. From 1919 again theology studies in England. Ordained priest 1927 in Lyon. Dr.theol. Gregorian University, Rome (without diss.). In 1929-61 Professor at Catholic University, Lyon (with interruptions), also taught at Jesuit seminary in Fourvière. Cardinal 1983.

With his original theological ideas he had long time a prohibition of teaching, during the papacy of Pius XII, but became later influential and had an important part in decisions of the Second Vatican Council. During the war he had worked against the Nazis in the Resistance and published an underground paper, the Témoignage Chrétien.

Publications: c. 40 books about Christian religion and history of religions, including two about Buddhism, Aspects du Bouddhisme. 1-2. P. 1951-55, and La rencontre du Bouddhisme et de l’Occident. Paris 1952, also several articles; in his Œuvres complètes these form vols. 21-22.

Sources: J. Ducor, “Les écrits D’H. de L. sur le bouddhisme”, Les cahiers bouddhiques 5, 2007, 81-110; Badische Zeitung 5.9.1991; Wikipedia with photo and further references.