MAINWARING, George Byres. 18.7.1825 — Serampore 16.1.1893. British Colonial Officer in India. Born in India, he became ensign in Bengal Army in 1842, Captain 1856, from 1868 Lieutenant-Colonel in Bengal Staff Corps. Also worked as interpreter of Hindi/Urdu. Retired in 1887. Often called General. Visited Sikkim often (first 1867) and was greatly interested in Lepcha language and culture, although his view of Lepcha as a sort of Ursprache was rather romantic.

Publications: A Grammar of the Róng of Lepcha Language. Calcutta 1876.

edited and revised by A. Grünwedel: Dictionary of the Lepcha Language. 1898.

Sources: Boase, English Biogr. in Br. Biogr. Arch.;