MASING, Gotthilf Leonhard. Mustel, Ösel (now Mustjala, Saaremaa) 21.11.1845 — Tartu 4.4.1936. German (of Estonia) IE and Slavic Linguist. Son of Carl M. (1809–1894), minister in Mustel, and Adelheid, Freiin von Ungern-Sternberg (1809–1894). After gymnasium in Arensburg (now Kuressaare in Estonia) he studied theology at Dorpat in 1863-68. Cand.theol. In 1868-71 worked as tutor, then philological studies 1871 at Göttingen and 1872-75 at Leipzig (mainly Slavistics under Leskien). Ph.D. 1876 Leipzig. Teacher at gymnasium in St.Petersburg in 1875-78 and in Fellin (Viljandi) in 1879-80. Cand. russischer Sprache und slav. Linguistic 1879 Dorpat. 1886 Dorpat. In 1880-1902 Docent and 1902-04 ao. Professor of Comparative Linguistics, 1904-10 ord. Professor of Slavonic Linguistics at Dorpat (now Tartu, then also called Jur’jev). In 1895-96 visited Caucasus. Retired in 1910, but probably taught probably taught again in 1918-25. Married with Wendula Bildt (1848–93), no children.

Publications: Mainly wrote on Slavistics.

Sources: Dt.-Balt. Biogr. Lexikon; Dt. Geschlechtbuch 79, 1933, 337; Album fratrum Rigensium. Hamburg 1981, nr. 565; briefly in Estonian Vikipeedia with photo.