MATHER, Robert Cotton. Manchester 8.11.1808 — London 21.4.1877. Rev. British (Scots) Missionary and Hindi Scholar in India. Son of James M., educated at Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities and Homerton College, ordained in 1833. “Went to India for the London Missionary Society, after Benares, settled at Mirzapur [in 1836] founding a mission. Built schools and churches.” Returned to England in 1873. LL.D. 1862 Glasgow. His wife, Elizabeth Sewell, the authos of a Bible dictionary in Hindustani, returned to Mirzapur and died there in 1879.

Publications: revised and edited the Bible in Hindustani, wrote in Hindi and Urdu, e.g. a commentary on the New Testament in Hindustani.

Christian Missions in India. 18??.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with portrait.