MEYER, Elard Hugo. Bremen 6.10.1837 — Freiburg i. Br. 11.2.1908. German Scholar of Germanic Mythology. Son of a lawyer, grew up in Bremen. In 1860-63 studies at Bonn, Tübingen and Berlin, mainly Germanistics. In 1863-82 schoolteacher and school director in Bremen. In 1882 retired because of an illness and moved to Freiburg, 1887 PD and 1890 hon. Professor there.

Publications: Indogermanische Mythen. 1. Gandharven-Kentauren. 243 p. B. 1883; 2. 1887.

Germanische Mythen. 1-2. 1883-87; Germanische Mythologie. B. 1891; Die Eddische Kosmologie. 1891; etc.

Sources: German Wikipedia.