MUS, Paul Léon Joseph. Bourges 1.6.1902 — Murs, Vaucluse 9.8.1969. French Art Historian, Sociologist and Indologist. Professor in Paris. Son of a protestant couple of teachers, in 1907 the family moved to Hanoi. Studies in Paris under Lévi, Mauss, Pelliot, etc., of Sanskrit, Chinese, Pali, Tibetan and Thai. In 1927 joined É.F.E.O. in Hanoi, spent two years in Angkor, visited Java and studied Chams of Central Vietnam. In 1937 returned to Paris and succeeded Foucher as directeur d’études at É.P.H.É. (taught in 1939-41 and after the war). During the war he joined France Libre and was sent to Pondichéry in 1943. In 1945 parachuted to still occupied Tonkin, escaped narrowly the Japanese and arrived in Yunnan. Back in Paris he was much used as a specialist of Vietnam. From 1949 Professor at Collège de France. In 1950 visiting Professor at Yale, where he then visited every year. Married 1924 Suzanne Godbille, two children.

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