NEWALL, David John Falconer. Kensington, London 1825 — Isle of Wight 8.3.1901. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of David Rae N. and Charlotte Janetta Falconer. From c. 1842 served in Bengal Artillery. Lieutenant-Colonel, retired as Major-General. In 1882 living in the Isle of Wight. Married 1869 Maria Margaret Bearcock, one daughter.

Publications: “A Sketch of the Mahomedan History of Cashmere”, JASB 23, 1854, 409-460; “Notes on Pilgrimages in the Country of Cashmere”, JASB 35:1, 1866, 219-232; “Some Observations on the Temples of ‘Razdan’ or ‘Randoing’ in the ‘Lar’ Pergunnah, Cashmere”, JASB 38:1, 1869, 177-181, 3 pl.; “Some Account of the Rishis or Hermits of Kashmir”, JASB 39:1, 1870, 265-270..

The Highlands of India strategically considered. 18+274 p. L. 1882.

Preliminary sketches in Cashmere: or, scenes in “Cuc-Koo-cloudland”. 30+86 p. Newport 1882.

– Anonymously publ. Tales of the Pandaus, by a wandering Cimmerian. 9+170 p. Newport n.d. (c. 1885) (freely after Indian epics).

The Highlands of India. 2. Field Sports and Travel in India. 464 p. L. 1887.

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