PICKFORD, John. 18?? — 1???. British Indologist. Studies at Oxford (Brasenose College) under Monier Williams (1865 there), Boden Scholar of Sanskrit. M.A. Until 1872 Professor of Sanskrit at Presidency College in Madras. Retired from the membership of R.A.S. in 1873.

At least he cannot be the same as J.P., “a CMS missionary at Pannaivelei, to the south-east of Tinnevelly”. He was born in 1820, ordained priest 1847, worked in T. nine years from 1852, then in Ceylon and 1870 returned to England and became a vicar. From 1872 and in the 1880s one Rev. J.P., M.A., was at the Newbourne Rectory, Woodbridge, Suffolk. But he was from Queen’s college, Oxford, and apparently living in 1829–1909.

Publications: Translated: The Mahâvîracarita. The adventure of the great hero Râma. 16+172 p. L. 1871.

Sources: Member list of R.A.S.; stray notes in Internet.