POSTANS, J. 1??? — 1846. British Colonial Officer interested in Ethnology and Archaeology of India. Captain. Political Agent in Cutch and Sind.

Publications: “Notes of a Journey to Girnar, in the Province of Kattywar,for the purpose of copying the ancient Inscriptions upon the Rock near that place, undertaken by order of Bombay Government”, JASB 1838; and other articles.

Personal Observations on Sindhi: the Manners and Customs of its Inhabitants, and its capabilities. 184?; Observations on the Increase of Commerce by means of the river Indus. 184?.

Hints to Cadets. 184?.

Sources: JRAS 1847 quoted in Nouv. Ann. des Voy. 5:4/13 (117), 1848, 116-118.

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