POTEBNJA, Oleksandr Opanasovyč (Russian Aleksandr Afanasevič). Gavrilovka (Havrylivka), dt. Poltava 10/22.9.1835 — Harkiv 29.11./11.12.1891. Ukrainian Linguist. Born in a noble family. After school in Radom (now in Poland) studied from 1851 at Harkov (Harkiv) law, history and philology (graduated 1856) and then Slavistics (grad. 1860), i.al. under Ovsjaniko-Kulikovskij. In 1862-63 further studies in Germany (Sanskrit under Weber) and Austria. Ph.D. 1874 Harkiv (in Russian). From 1875 Professor at Harkiv and Associate member of Imperial Academy in St.Petersburg. He is known of his syntactic and dialectological studies and as founder of the Harkiv school of Slavistics.

Publications: Mysl’ i jazyk. 1862 and editions (Thought and Language, on language philosophy).

– Much on Slavic, Russian and Ukrainian linguistics, literature and folklore, i.al. his diss. Iz zapisok po russkoj grammatike. 1-2. 1874.

Sources: M. Lesów, Lex. gramm. 1996, 748f.; Wikipedia with further details and references and photo (more in *Russian and especially in *Ukrainian versions).