BALFOUR, Edward Green. Angus, Montrose 6.9.1813 — London 8.12.1889. British (Scottish) Physician in India. Son of Captain George B. of E.I.C. marine, educated at Montrose, studies at Edinburgh University. Went to India in 1839 and joined the Medical Department serving in Bombay and Madras armies, became full surgeon in 1852. Beside his work he studied Oriental languages and founded in Madras a Muhammadan public library and in 1850 the Government Central Museum, and was then its Superintendent for 9 years. He was long time Political Agent with the Nawabs of the Carnatic and in 1862-70 Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals in Madras and 1871-76 Surgeon-General there. In 1866 he started the Mysore Museum. He was Fellow of Madras University and paid much attention to medical education of women, when Madras Medical College was opened to them. Retired in 1876. Married 1852 Marion Gilchrist, at least one son.

Publications: “On the Migratory Tribes of Natives in Central India”, JASB 13, 1844, 1-18 (Banjārī); two ethnographical articles in MJLS 16:2, 1851, 4-20.

Cyclopaedia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, commercial, industrial, and scientific: Products of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, useful arts and manufactures. 1857, 2nd ed. 1-5. Madras 1871-73; articles on medical questions.

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The Vydian and the Hakim, what do they know of medicine?. 19 p. Madras 1875 (Vydian = Vaidya).

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