TAYLOR, Philip Meadows. Liverpool 25.9.1808 — Menton, Southern France 13.5.1876. British Administrator and Author in India. Son of a merchant, the elder Ph.M.T., and Jane Mitford. He came to India in the age of 15 as a clerk to a Bombay merchant, but soon (1824) took the service under the Nizam, first military, but soon in a civil position. After a furlough in England in 1840 the correspondent of The Times, 1840-53. From c. 1850 administered the small principality of Shorapur for the Nizam during the long minority of the raja. After 1857 also accepted by the British government as Deputy Commissioner of Western Ceded Districts. Colonel. Retired in 1860 (now C.S.I.). Married Mary Palmer, children. He was fluent in local languages and much interested in law, geology and antiquities, also in pre-historic archaeology (megaliths).

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