THOMSON, Henry Byerley (until 1846 Henry William Th.). ?.5.1822 — Colombo 6.1.1867. British Lawyer in Sri Lanka. Son of the well known physician, Anthony Todd Th. (1778–1849) and Katherine Byerley (1797–1862), an authoress, brotherof —> J. C. Th. Studies at London University College and Cambridge (Jesus College, B.A. 1846). Called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1849, practised law in England. From 1858 Queen’s Advocate of Ceylon, in 1861-67 Puisne Judge in Colombo. Married in 1858 Sarita Beaumont, two sons.

Publications: Institutes of the Laws of Ceylon. 1-2. L. 1866; other law publications.

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