BALLIN, Louis. 18?? — 1???. Frenchman apparently knowing Sanskrit. Doctor. “Ancien sous-inspecteur des forêts”, in 1897 living in Autun. Continued Fauche’s Mahābhārata translation. To quote Carrière, it is “parfois tres belle … souvent inexacte, ou incompréhensible”. In the introduction he says that he is no longer young and thanks Regnaud (Lyon) for help. Death stopped the work.

Publications: Translated: Le Mahâbhârata. Tome 1. Livre 9. Tome 2. Livres 10, 11, 12. 446+482 p. P. 1899.

Sources: Not in the Arch. biogr. fr., of his work only the first vol. in B.N.C., both in Cat. gén. de la libr. fr. 14, 1891-99; briefly noted in J.-C. Carrière, Le Mahabharata. 2008, introd.; nothing in the N.U.C.