BALLY, Charles-Louis. Genève 4.2.1865 — Genève 10.4.1947. Swiss Linguist and Greek scholar. Son of a teacher, lost early his father (1870). From 1883 studied mainly Greek philology in Genève, in the 1890s became de Saussure’s student, now also learned Sanskrit. Further studies at Berlin ( 1889). In 1889-93 tutor in Greek royal family, then teacher in Genève. In 1900-1913 Professor of Greek at Collège Calvin in Genève. At Genève University he was PD in 1893-1913, then Prof. ord. de linguistique (générale & IE) et sanscrit from 1913, succeeding de Saussure (who had already left Sanskrit teaching to him in 1906. Retired in 1939. Mainly worked on French lan­guage, but kept his interest in Sanskrit until death. Without rejecting diachrony he emphasizes synchronic view of living languages. Three times married.

Publications: diss. De Euripidis tragoediarum partibus lyricis quaestionunculae. Berlin 1889.

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