RIDDING, Caroline Mary. Meriden, Warwickshire 30.8.1862 — 9.11.1941. Miss. British Indologist. Daughter of Rev. William R. and Caroline Selina Caldecott. Studied classics and Sanskrit (under Cowell) at Cambridge, for a while scholar of Girton College. Living in Clapton (1892) and London (1897). In 1904 she secured Cowell’s books for Girton College and was employed cataloguing them. M.A. 1923 Cambridge (when the degree was finally allowed to women). She was one of the first fully competent female Indologists. Beside Sanskrit and Pāli she also knew Bengalī and Hindī.

Publications: “A MS. of the Nārada Smṛiti”, JRAS 1893, 41-47.

translated: The Kādambarī of Bāṇa. 24+231 p. Or. Tr. Fund N.S. 2. L. 1896.

edited E. B. Cowell’s posthumous “Index to the first words of the slokas of the Dhammapada”, JRAS 1904, 711-717.

with L. de La Vallée Poussin: “A fragment of the Sanskrit Vinaya, Bhikṣunī­karma­vacana, edited with notes”, BSOS 1:3, 1919, 123-143.

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