ROCKHILL, William Woodville. Philadelphia, Pa. 1.4.1854 — Honolulu 8.12.1914. U.S. Diplomat, Traveller, Sinologist, and Tibetan Scholar. Son of Thomas Cadwalader R. and Dorothea Anne Woodville. Lost his father when 13 and the mother settled in Paris to avoid the Civil War. Studies in Paris, in 1873 graduated from the military academy of St.Cyr. Apparently he also studied Tibetan under Feer. In 1873-76 served in Légion étrangère in Algeria. Returned to the U.S.A. 1876 and lived some time as a rancher in New Mexico, but found this work not to his liking. In 1881 moved in Montreux, Switzerland, now also learned Sanskrit. In 1884-88 served at U.S. Legation in Peking (in 1886-87 in Soul). In 1888 and 1891-92 expeditions in China and Tibet for Smithsonian Institute. In 1893-97 served in governent offices at home. In 1897-99 Ambassador extraordinary and Minister plenipotentiary for Greece, Rumania and Serbia, then, after some years at home, in 1905-09 the same for China, 1910-11 for Russia and 1911-13 for Turkey. Retired from service in 1913. Married 1876 Caroline Tyson (d. 1897) and as widower Edith Howell Perkins. Fell ill and died during a voyage from San Francisco to China as appointed advisor to the President of China, Yuan Shi Kai.

Publications: Transl. from Tibetan: Udânavarga. A collection of verses from the Buddhist Canon. 224 p. L. 1883; “Le Traité de l’émancipation en Prâtimoksha Sûtra”, RHR 9, 1884, 3-26 & 167-201.

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Articles and lesser works.

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