ROGERS, George Gordon. Dharamsala ?.4.1893 — Maidenhead, Berkshire ?.5.1966. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of G. W. Rogers, Colonel of Gurkha Rifles. Educated at Bedford College and Sandhurst. In 1913 joined the 1st Gurkha Rifles in Chitral. Also during WW I served in North-West India. In 1919 participated in the Third Afghan War, then in Waziristan. Major 1929. Served until 1934, then settled in South Africa, but in 1940 recalled to service as Lieutenant Colonel. Colonel 1942. From 1943 teaching Nepali to young officers in Dehra Dun, 1946-47 Urdu and Punjabi to cadets in Caterham and 1947-48 English to Polish refugees in Essex and Sussex. Living in a former lighthouse in Norfolk. Married, children. Commanding Nepalese soldiers he became well acquainted with the language.

Publications: Colloquial Nepali. 132 p. Calcutta 1950.