BARBOSA, Duarte. Lisbon c. 1480? — Cebu, Philippines 1.5.1521. Portuguese Traveller in the East. Son of Diogo B. He came to India as a young man, apparently with Cabral in 1500, stayed mainly in Kerala and probably returned in 1517. Still in 1517 he wrote his account of Africa, Arabia, and India. In 1519 he joined the expedition around the world of his brother-in-law Fernão Magalhães. Treacherously killed by local raja in Philippines. The work remained manuscript, but was used by several Portuguese historians. It is written in an impersonal style, probably combining much secondary (but for us very valuable) material. Apparently he knew Malayālam.

Publications: Extracts from his manuscript published by Ramusio, Delle navigationi e viaggi. 1550; and the whole in 1812 as Vol. 2. of Coleção de notícias para a história e geografia das nações ultramarinas. English translation by H. E. Stanley: A Description of the Coasts of East-Africa and Malabar. L. 1866, new ed. by M. L. Dames. 1–2. L. 1918-21.

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