ROTTLER, Johann Peter. Strassburg (Strasbourg) ?.6.1749 — Madras 24/27.1.1836. German Missionary and Tamil Scholar in India. Educated at gymnasium and university in Strasbourg, ordained priest 1775 Copenhagen. Arrived at Tranquebar in 1776. Studied Tamil and botany, sent botanical specimens to Europe, especially London (Kew). Ph.D. 1795 Erlangen. In 1796 visited Ceylon. From 1803 in Madras, from 1808 Secretary and Chaplain of Female Orphan Asylum. In 1817 quitted the Danish Mission and joined the English Vepery Mission in Madras.

Publications: A dictionary of the Tamil and English languages. Vepery 1834.

a prayer-book translated into Tamil.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary.