WARE, James Roland. 1901 — 19??. U.S. Buddhist Scholar. Teacher of Latin. Studies of Indology (and probably Classics) at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (Edgerton), then further studies of Indology, Tibetan and Chinese in Paris (Lévi et al.). Around 1924 Instructor of Latin at Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pa., in the end of the 1920s Instructor of Classics at University of Washington in Seattle. He planned a critical edition of the Vikramacarita, but when he 1929 joined the Harvard-Yenching Institute he had to put Indology aside and gave his preliminary work to Edgerton. Back from China, he taught Chinese at Harvard as Instructor in 1932–34, from 1935 as Lecturer, in the mid-1950s apparently Professor there and still working in 1971.

Publications: “Studies in the Divyāvadāna”, JAOS 48, 1928, 159-165 & 49, 1929, 40-51; Sinological studies and translations of Chinese classics (Confucius, Mencius).

Sources: Seven letters in Vij. Suri Letters, 254-261; stray notes in Internet.