BARNETT, Lionel David. Liverpool 21.10.1871 — 28.1.1960. British Indologist. Son of a banker. Educated at University College in Liverpool and at Trinity College, Cambridge, studying classical languages. B.A. 1896, M.A. 1899, Litt.D. 1900. Began his scholarly career as a classical scholar, but soon changed Greek into Sanskrit. In 1899-1908 Assistant Keeper in Department of Oriental Printed Books, British Museum, 1908-36 Keeper, Oriental Printed Books and MSS. At the same time, in 1906-17 Professor of Sanskrit at University College, London, in 1917-48 Lecturer in Sanskrit at S.O.A.S. After 1948 he was again serving at the Museum, because of a shortage of specialists. In 1936 Fellow of the British Academy, 1937 Companion of the Bath. Barnett was a modest and retiring scholar, who wrote, in addition to many other things, more than 4000 quarto pages of British Museum catalogues.

Publications: The Greek Drama. 1900; The Eumenides of Aeschylus, edited for the schools. 1901; transl. with others: Plautus, Mostellaria. 1890.

edited & tr.: “The Manavulu-Sandesaya”, JRAS 1905, 265-283; “Abhinavagupta, The Paramārthasāra”, JRAS 1910, 707-747 & 1338f.

transl.: The Bhagavadgītā or the Lord’s Song. L. 1905; Some Sayings from the Upanishads. L. 1905; The Golden Town, and other tales from Soma-deva’s Ocean of romance-rivers. 1909; The Path of Light. Rendered … from the Bodhicharyāva­tāra of Ṥāntideva. 1909, 2nd ed. 1947; “Mahendravikrama-varman, Mattavilāsa”, BSOS 5, 1930, 697-717.

Hinduism. 72 p. L. 1906; Brahma-Knowledge. An outline of the Philosophy of the Vedānta. 1907; The Heart of India. L. 1908; Hindu Gods and Heroes. Studies in the history of the religion in India. 120 p. L. 1922.

The Antagada-dasāo and Aṇuttarovavāiya-dasāo. L. 1907 (tr., the second with text).

Antiquities of India. 306 p. L. 1913; Alphabetical Guide to Sinhalese folklore from ballad sources. Suppl. to IA 1916, sep. 1917;

articles on the Bhāsa question and the Mattavilāsa: BSOS 1:3, 1919, 35-38; 3:3, 1924, 519-522; JRAS 1919, 233f.; 1921, 587-589; 1925, 99; 1928, 877-890.

edited: “Kalyānasaugandhikam of Nīlakaṇṭha”, BSOS 3, 1923, 33-50; “Janakīharaṇa XVI”, BSOS 4, 1926, 285-293.

edited & translated with G. A. Grierson: Lalla-vākyāni or the Sayings of Lal Ded. 225 p. As. Soc. Monogr. 17. L. 1920.

A Supplementary Catalogue of Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit Books in … British Museum … 1892–1906. L. 1908; … 1906–1928. L. 1928; with G. U. Pope, A Catalogue of the Tamil Books in … British Museum. L. 1909; A Catalogue of the Kannada Books in … British Museum. L. 1910; A Catalogue of the Telugu Books in … British Museum. L. 1912; A Catalogue of the Burmese Books in … British Museum. L. 1913; A Supplementary Catalogue of the Tamil Books in … British Museum. 1931; with J. F. Blumhardt & J. V. S. Wilkinson: A Second Sup­plementary Catalogue of Printed Books in Hindi, Bihari, and Pahari in the Library of British Museum. L. 1957.

a great number of articles, obituaries, inscription editions, and reviews, especially in JRAS and BSO(A)S, also in EI.

Sources: A. S. Fulton, JRAS 1960, 200–202; *JOIB 9, 1959-60, 349f.; Bibliography by E. M. White, BSOAS 12:3-4, 1948, 497-532; Wikipedia.