WINSLOW, Miron. Williston, Vermont 11.12.1789 — Cape Town 22.10.1864. Rev. U.S. Missionary and Tamil Lexicographer in South Asia, where he remained in 1819-64. Graduated from Middlebury College 1815 and Andover Theological Seminary 1818. Together with his wife he arrived in December 1819 at Ceylon and together they founded a girls’ school in Uduvil (then called Oodooville), Jaffna. Mrs. W. died in 1833 and MW returned to the States, but in 1836 came to India and from now on mainly worked in Madras, thus founding the American Madras Mission. In 1855-58 visited the U.S.A. In 1864 retired because of ill-health, but died on way home. Married 1819 Harriet W. Lathrop, six children, second wife 1835 Catherine Waterbury Carman (d. 1837).

Publications: History of Missions or History of the principal attempt to propagate Christianity among the Heathen. Andover 1819.

Ed.: J. Knight and L. Spaulding: English and Tamil Dictionary. 1842, 3rd rev. ed. 1888.

A comprehensive Tamil and English Dictionary of High and Low Tamil. 976 p. Madras 1862 and many edd.

Sources: Early career briefly in Richard Morey Sherman, “American contacts with Ceylon in the 19th century”, JRAS-Sri Lanka 35, 1990/91, 1-8, p. 3;; Wikipedia with photo.