SASSETTI, Filippo. Florence 1540 — Goa 1588. Italian Traveller. Son of a merchant, he studied at Pisa 1568-73 and thus knew Latin well. As an agent of Florentine spice syndicate he stayed in Kerala in 1583-88. On way to India also spent 5 months in Brazil. In the letters he sent to home he described local circumstances and rightly pointed out the relation between some words of Italian and Sanskrit. These letters were found and published only in the 19th century.

Publications: Ed. by E. M. Marcuzzi: Lettere edite e inedite di Pilippo Sassetti raccolte e annotate. Florence 1855.

Sources: Wikipedia (more in Italian version); one Internet sources gives exact, but suspect dates 28.9.1540–3.9.1588.