SCHACK, Adolf Friedrich, Graf von. Brüsewitz near Schwerin 2,8,1815 — Rome 14.4.1894. German Poet and Translator of Oriental Classics. Born in a well known old family of nobility, after law studies at Bonn, Heidelberg and Berlin in public service in Mecklenburg, Berlin and Oldenburg (here accompanied the Duke on his Eastern voyage). In 1852 retired to his estate in Mecklenburg, travelled in Spain and then settled in Munich.

Publications: Translated: Heldensagen des Firdusi. 1851, rev. & enl. 2nd ed. 6+439 p. B. 1865.

Transl.: Stimmen vom Ganges: eine Sammlung indischer Sagen. 266 p. B. 1857, 2nd ed. St. 1877.

Ein halbes Jahrhundert, Erinnerungen and Aufzeichnungen. 3 vols. 1887, 3rd ed. 1894 (autobiography).

Much own poetry, then Gesammelte Werke. 1-6. 1883 (own poetry only, translations not included, with photo).

Sources: Wikipedia with portrait (more in German version, with further references).